Delivering innovative products

Founded in 2010, TESO has always been focused on delivering innovative products, integrated solutions or systems for our customers with a specific focus on embedded and high speed devices. We measure our success based on the value we deliver to our customers and through the lasting partnerships we formed with our clients. TESO is a consulting company that is able to come up with excellent, huge transformational ideas, while also possessing skills and capabilities to deliver these ideas.

Our capabilities span specification definition, technical design and architecture, system integration, implementation, manufacturing, deployment management, and change management services for our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge solution in the areas of telecommunications, consumer electronics and video processing.

Our Methodology for all of our projects follows a proven process to ensure they are completed on time, on budget and according to customer expectations. Our project methodology is based on real-world experience and it ensures open communication, so all those involved have an up-to-date understanding of each other's expectations and responsibilities. Our methodology helps us complete projects faster, so you are up and running sooner and have less downtime during any upgrade.

Our Mission aims to drive manufacturing technology to the next level, enhancing productivity and efficiency at a low cost, reducing the requirement for hands on work, and working towards fully automated systems.

Our Goal is to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers, in a one-stop service with complete satisfaction for our customers and to ensure favorable return on their investment.