End to End system solutions

Providing End to End system solution from hardware development, thru back-end servers to an integration with your existing business environment. Our solution will advance your business by helping you connect products, people and processes.

  • Short system set-up time
  • Proactively identify issues
  • Increase uptime of assets
  • Optimize field service deployments
  • Resolve issues without an on-site visit
  • Increase customer satisfaction rates


Seamlessly deploy and connect remote embedded device to the cloud

Off-the Shelf platforms

TESO is offering range of hardware platforms by addressing most diverse requirements. In this way we can ensure fast time-to-market, reduced development costs and provide more reliable design.

TESO IoT cloud connectors and API’s

Connect any device to TESO IoT cloud with connector packages. It is available for Linux (Yocto, Buildroot, Ubuntu ... ), Android, Java SE/ME, RTOS and Bermetal devices, a family of connectors simplifies the process of managing dynamic device infrastructures and makes it easy to deploy devices and functionalities.

Full custom device

TESO hardware design service can offer you solution exactly fitting your needs. Our capabilities encompass the full design flow, from initial hardware design and design prototyping, all the way to product industrialization.


Gain Real-time Visibility and Control over Your Devices

Device Management

TESO IoT Cloud makes it easier than ever to control and manage your network of connected devices and maximizes the impact they have on your business.

High Speed Messaging

Enables reliable, secure and device initialized communication between devices and cloud monitor device operation in the real time.

Secure and Scalable Infrastructure

Feel confident about your systems and data by knowing your information is stored in a secure, multi-tenant, commercial-grade environment.

Firmware update management

Manage your firmware updates. Perform carefree firmware updates at any scheduled time, without possibility of bricking your deployed devices.


Transform Raw Machine Data into useful Information and interface with rest of your business environment

Visualise device data

To our customers TESO is providing web framework for visualization, giving them the ability to quickly and simply produce and customize their own web apps for display of the device data. An easy development customisation would be possible, on your behalf/request.

Application Enablement Platform

Bring your connected devices and their data to life by building an application specific to your business needs, and drive unmatched business results.

Advisory Services

Our strategic teams will help you align your people/personal/team, streamline processes and centralize your technology platform in order to optimize your enterprise.

Integrate device data into a third party system

Using our APIs, push device data into any third party application (e.g. SAP ERP) or build a custom M2M application. In case your existing system requires some new interface type, not supported in our current APIs, our engineering team will gladly develop customised API that best suits your needs.


We have developed mobile Digital Signage and children entertainment system called FunCarts, for our clients AISLEWORX.

Funcarts is one of the most advanced solutions in shop advertisement world. For this project TESO has deployed range of solutions, from our Multicore ARM platform, TESO IoT Cloud in a BackEnd, visualization and control interfaces for Service personnel, advertising control and advertising data analytics, all the way to the ticketing and call center managing software.