Software development

Embedded, web, mobile and cloud software

We are experts in embedded, web, mobile and cloud development. Our engineers build comprehensive custom software for numerous clients with advanced security, scalability and complexity needs.

Embedded software is the heart of all intelligent devices and TESO helps product developers to address an ever-increasing demand in the IT area. TESO Development Team possesses a comprehensive skill set, which spans from board support packages and OS porting to middleware, embedded application development and compatibility testing (CTS). Over the years, TESO has built up design and debugging experience, making it possible to shorten the development cycle and increase the reliability of our firmware. TESO provides customers with optimized software for the chosen platforms and architectures resulting in faster time-to-market.

Mobile apps have become the official channel to drive content and services to consumers. Whether your business requires native, hybrid or web-based solutions, you can depend on TESO to deliver world-class mobile solutions and services. Regardless of the mobile platform (iOS, Android or Hybrid HTML5), TESO applies its proven development methodology to each phase of the solution, ensuring successful deployment, responsive web design and end user adoption for its workforce. TESO believes that an end user experience is the key to a successful mobile product for any market. We help you build world-class customer and employee facing mobile applications.

Cloud computing is a model of accessing a shared pool of computing resources like networks, storage, services, and applications on demand without worrying about resource availability. The resources have the intelligence to be rapidly provisioned depending on a need. Cloud application allows you to rapidly and securely scale your solution as your user base grows. By using the cloud deployed system, you would be able to streamline processes, increase collaboration among employees, and reduce spending on technology infrastructure - regardless of application.