Teso IoT Cloud

Seamlessly connect device to the cloud

Easily Integrate Device Data Into M2M Applications

  • Access device data and perform secure device initialized communication with nodes deployed in a field.
  • Integrate device data from any device, regardless of device type or OS through our packages, APIs and Cloud Connector.
  • Securely manage devices en masse for increased efficiency.

Access data from edge devices anytime, anywhere

Centralized control to edit configurations, update firmware, download software, monitor the status and the location of remote assets via web browser.

Create alarms and notifications based on data conditions

Set alarm conditions and receive immediate notification when a device enters a particular state. Schedule and automate tasks, such as reboots or firmware updates group and tag devices to organize your dynamic network.

Perform remote device initialized communication

Connect any device to TESO IoT cloud with connector packages. It is available for Linux (Yocto, Buildroot, Ubuntu ... ), Android, Java SE, RTOS, and Bare-metal devices, a family of connectors simplifies the process of managing dynamic device infrastructures and makes it easy to deploy devices and functionalities.

Integrate device data into a third party system

By using the our APIs, push device data into any third party application or build a custom M2M application. In case your existing system requires some further interface type, presently not supported in our current APIs, the engineering team will happily develop custom API matching your needs.

Google GWT/App Engine based solution

Google App Engine lets you build and run applications on Google’s infrastructure. Google's backbone network has thousands of miles of fiber optic cables, uses advanced software-defined networking and has edge caching services to deliver fast, consistent and scalable performance. Giving TESO IoT Cloud reliable, secure, fast and uninterrupted access from anywhere in the world. TESO IoT Cloud offers unmatched scalability for reasonable costs.