Outlive outperform

Hardware development has always had two conflicting sources of requirements. One coming from technology side requiring longer development times, higher-volume products and detail verification process, and the other coming from marketing point of view, where we require fast turnaround times and differentiated products. In order to overcome this conflicting criteria, TESO offers Platform-Based Design.

What is platform based design? This is a design cycle based on customization of existing hardware platforms. Hardware platform is a system with implementation of standards functions for some application. Final product is differentiated by adding features through customization process.

CPU subsystem

  • Fast time-to-market
  • Reduced development costs
  • Allows customization of final product
  • More reliable design (already tested platform)
  • Shorter verification time (verification only for customized parts)


High speed, high throughput video application supporting high framerates, 2K and 4K video resolutions.


ARM applications processors integrated with FPGA for applications requiring fast response time and high throughput.

Multicore ARM

Scalable Multicore ARM platform that satisfies the needs of the most demanding future application requirements.

ARM Platforms

Low-power, low cost ARM platform targets low-power multimedia processing and integration in general embedded, industrial and consumer applications.